\^/arez loading screen t-shirt

Really pleased with this design as nothing is wrong with it. Nothing forgotten or any adjustments to be made. Also this t-shirt came in record time, 4 days!

Can’t wait to start spreading the word about this one. Hope you like the new design. All the best online buddies 🙂


the first \^/arez Spreadshirt t-shirt

Oh look what turned up some time ago.

Really nice quality the retro t-shirt from Spreadshirt

The Flock print (Mass) effect works really well and is perfect for the Dot Matrix logo design.

All in all I am very happy with the quality of the t-shirt and the printed design. I must admit the logo is set far too high but seeing as this is a prototype it gives me another thing to double check before posting them available to all.

Won’t be long now hopefully and I complete some designs I’m really happy about last weekend. But first thing first, I’ve got LANarchy to attend 🙂

Be in touch soon, clueless


the first SpreadShirt \^/arez t-shirt (beta)

lol beta? shut it clueless you nut!

but then I’m posting twice in one day so I must be feeling funny.

So we’ve seen the result from Cafepress \^/arez computer gaming t-shirt. Great quality t-shirts with equally impressive print quality. However I thought it worth trying out the competition. This may help with flexibility for European gamers but also with printing/design techniques.

If it turns out like it looks on the example this t-shirt will be mint!


the first \^/arez t-shirts – part 2

So it’s not the day after but I’ve been working and playing hard. What can I say? Sorry I suppose.Anyway never fear I have good news. The print press mark did wash out and the designs look pretty much spot on. I do need to alter both design ever so slightly though.

The BOOM t-shirt needs a \^/arez name logo on it. Nothing big, just something to knock it up a notch. The UK gamer design of the pixelated roundel is a little big. Size of designs maybe hard to nail on the tool on Cafepress but I’ll get there. So I’ll make that design slightly smaller but additionally with a logo.

Here are the t-shirts and as you can see no press mark.


The first \^/arez t-shirts – part 1

So the first \^/arez computer gaming t-shirts came from Cafepress. The delivery took a week, a proper week so 7 days to get from the States. It’s not that bad I suppose. To create two bespoke printed t-shirts and ship them to another country, I suppose it’s quite impressive that it took so long.

This is a few shot of the items. The quality of the print is actually very good and I was quite surprised. The colours are deep and as good as I need. Another site called Spreadshirt.net as other treatments in it’s printing techniques. Some of these will work very well for a couple of my designs so I’m going to try them out this weekend. Back to the Cafepress t-shirts there is one concern. As you can see on the photos there is a faint press line around the t-shirts. It’s more noticeable on the pixelated UK gamer t-shirt.

\^/arez t-shirts

However after a very quick post on the Cafepress forum apparently this press mark washes out. In fact it even says so on the receipt you recieve with the t-shirts. Finger crossed \^/arez fans. I will show you tomorrow after their wash.


Ordered my first two gaming t-shirts, yay!

Hello all

So I am finally making progress on Cafepress, uploading two new designs. Cafepress is good because it’s a well known name. It’s also Stateside which means I can supply gamers over there very easily and at a price they will hopefully think is fair.


So let’s get one thing straight right from the off. I’ve set the mark up on the Cafepress t-shirts very low, in fact the lowest I can! This is to keep the cost in line with what I was hoping to sell them for with my own website. It’s not perfect but it’s about right bearing in mind I do not have to do anything bar upload designs and spread the word.

The price is deliberately set with the American market in mind but luckily this is about the same for the UK one too.

I can’t do anything about postage however and this may where I might have a problem with Cafepress being in the US. I have ordered two designs to see the quality and speed of delivery but a friend of mine at work already suggested I check out Spreadshirt which he has used. This may be a better alternative for Europe and it’s good to keep my options open.

Be in touch soon with more \^/arez news soon 🙂



T-Shirts 4 gamers inspired by gaming

So as you can see I’m back on it. New Year resolution? Not really just got enough room with work to finally make a push with the Cafepress shop.

Design wise I’ll be slightly limited to what I can do but for the time being it won’t be a problem. After all I don’t need full screen printing across the t-shirts for most of my designs anyway. The really tricky bit is going to be driving traffic to the shop. I can all the best designs in the world on there but if no one going to see them then I’m dead in the water.

Anyway for the time being it’s all about getting my computer gaming inspired designs out there. I’m looking forward to buying my latest design for UK gamers. It’s a pixelated roundel which I think is the perfect blend of nice design with a nod to gaming – http://www.cafepress.co.uk/wearwarez.425598698

Btw please excuse the lameness of this post about something I’m truly excited about. I’ve been up most of the night but don’t worry I made a good use of it. I was on TF2 playing on some Yank servers. Love playing with guys from the States, they’re always up for a laugh.